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We'd love you to join our affiliate program - hosted with AWIN
If you don't have an account with AWIN it's super easy to sign up here.
Once you have verified your account, you simply need to add Aurelia London as an advertiser.
We pay 8% commision for all new customer orders and 6% for existing customers. We are always happy to put together exclusive offers and promotional codes for your platforms so you can offer your followers something a little bit different too.
Once you have been accepted into our program you will receive an email that shows you how to create trackable (deep) links back to our site. This allows AWIN to track the sales and we validate the transactions a couple of weeks after they have gone through - to allow for any returned orders. You will then receive your commission through AWIN.
Please feel free to reach out via hello@aurelialondon.com if you have any questions or would like us to run through the sign up process with you.

Complementary items from the balance range