Here we will guide you through how to grow and care for your lashes naturally using a simple daily routine and introduce you to our new Conditioning Eye & Lash Cleanser. It contains only organic and pure ingredients and is infused with the power of our unique PROTIDA™ probiotic complex.


Since the civilisations of Ancient Egypt and Rome, long and luscious lashes have been associated with femininity, style and mysterious allure. Today’s society is certainly no different when it comes to our obsession with this beauty ideal – from false stick-ons, to pricey extensions and lengthening treatments, most of us have probably messed around with our lashes throughout the years to try and achieve that full and sumptuous flutter. Yet few of us will have thought to enhance our own natural lash growth through carefully nourishing our lashes and using cleansing techniques that promote optimum lash growth.

Despite our longstanding love for full, thick, dark lashes, eyelashes in fact play a very important function in protecting our eyes. Eyelashes prevent dirt, dust and bacteria from entering the eye, and larger particles from harming the surrounding delicate eye area below. Regular application of eye make-up and the removal of it with harsh chemicals and the rubbing and tugging of flannels and wipes means our lashes become dehydrated and are prone to brittleness and breakage. This not only undermines our desired look of a thick and healthy lash line but can also lead to increased risk of infections such as Blepharitis (more commonly known as a ‘Stye”) caused by clogging and inflammation of lash follicles and risk of general irritation of the eye itself and surrounding skin.


Understanding the integral role our lashes play in protecting our eyes and how delicate they really are highlights the importance of a daily, gentle lash care routine, one which restores and regenerates the natural growth of our lashes whilst also strengthening and protecting the delicate surrounding skin. Our new Conditioning Eye & Lash Cleanser has been specially formulated to gently remove make-up, pollution build-up and bacteria from the entire eye area, keeping lash follicles cleansed yet conditioned, and enriching each individual lash with pure botanicals and probiotics for ultimate growth stimulation. Circular application above into the brow area will also coat brows and encourage nourishing stimulation of hair growth, improving growth in sparse or over plucked areas and boosting overall fullness.


The Conditioning Eye & Lash Cleanser works as a Micellar Water, a natural silky and supple solution made up of minute cleansing molecules called Micelles, which draw out impurities without dehydrating lashes or skin, conditioning as you cleanse. This formulation is combined with Inca Maca, a root from the Peruvian Andes traditionally revered for its vitality and endurance properties and now renowned as a natural, antioxidant superfood that prevents cellular damage and signs of ageing of the skin. Studies have proven it’s stimulating and nourishing effects on hair follicles, improving hair thickness and deeply soothing the scalp – perfection for lash growth and remedying that delicate skin around the eyes so prone to discolouration, lines and wrinkles.


Organic Rose Otto Flower Water is an integral ingredient in the Conditioning Eye & Lash Cleanser, known as ‘The Queen of Oils’ due to its purity, lengthy extraction and distillation process, and wondrous ability to strengthen and promote healthy skin and hair cell regeneration. Ideal for stress-related conditions in more mature skin types, Rose Otto has naturally cooling properties and reduces inflammation, soothing and softening skin texture and appearance.


The Conditioning Eye & Lash Cleanser is also infused with Organic Cucumber, providing refreshing high notes and concentrated levels of Vitamins C, B and K, and Potassium, Calcium and Magnesium – all integral to lash growth and resilience. Cucumber also treats areas of pigmentation, so is ideal for targeting under-eye discolouration, puffiness and irritation, and leaves skin around the eye dewy, glowing and balanced.


If that simply wasn’t enough, our Conditioning Eye & Lash Cleanser also contains our staple star ingredient PROTIDA™, Aurelia’s exceptional probiotic complex. This innovative fusion of 3 non-live strains of probiotics, peptides and bifida calms immune triggers that lead to ageing of skin around the eye and supports the regeneration of new cells, strengthening the skin from within. PROTIDA™ protects the entire eye area from pollution and environmental stresses and brightens the appearance of the eyes, allowing those healthy, natural lashes to simply pop!


Wanting to fervently remove all traces of stubborn dirt and make-up from our eyes can often lead to skin tugging and irritation and the breakage of lashes, while a soothing and mindful daily technique with the right products will ensure our eyes are thoroughly cleansed, conditioned and cared for.


We recommend using our Reusable Bamboo Cotton Pads that are gorgeously soft and especially designed for use on the delicate face and eyes, ideal for gently lifting impurities, make-up and pollution without pulling at or tearing lashes or brows. Our pads are made from organic bamboo and can be washed by hand or at 30℃ and reused, so are ideal for making your skin care routine more ecologically conscious and sustainable.


Our Brightening Eye Serum is also adored by our customers and nourishes that delicate under-eye skin post cleanse with our radiant signature eye complex and probiotic concentrate. It smooths and reduces the appearance of lines and wrinkles, while the natural power of soothing Arnica combats dark under-eye discolouration and Shea Butter tends and hydrates. This serum is ideal for adding to your routine and incorporating into a post cleanse facial massage for a moment of mindful relaxation that also nourishes your skin from within.

So here you have it, our recommended step-by-step daily routine for optimum eye cleansing, brightening and lash and brow growth:

1. Dermatologists always recommend washing your hands first to avoid bacterial or viral contamination of the eyes.

2. Apply the Conditioning Eye & Lash Cleanser to one of our Reusable Bamboo Cotton Pads.

3. Gently press the pad over one eyelid with the eye closed, to encourage saturation of the cleanser into the lashes, brows (which is key for growth) and surrounding skin and to melt make-up.

4. After pressing, gently sweep the pad away towards the outer eye, following the inverted arch of the lash line without rubbing or scrubbing and traumatising the skin.

5. Repeat as many times as necessary for each eye, rotating the pad and applying more cleanser if needed.

6. Follow with 1-2 pumps of our Brightening Eye Serum applied around the eyes with gentle tapping motions of the tips of your index fingers to stimulate blood flow.

7. Continue to gently apply pressure with the tips of your ring fingers along the brow bridge for a stimulating and soothing massage, then continue inwardly down the bridge of the nose and across the tops of your cheekbones.

8. Circularly massage either side of your temples and relax the jaw while taking deep, long breaths.

Disclaimer: If you notice any inflammation or pain around your eyes or along your lash line always seek medical advice.

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