We’ve been talking a lot about the power of self-love lately and how important it is that we all develop it within ourselves. But does skincare play a part in building up those positive feelings? 

Self-love is a lot like a muscle. You have to build it up to make it strong and keep working on it. To us, there is no one right way of doing that. It can take so many different forms and providing what you’re doing doesn’t hurt you or anyone else around you, it should be a totally judgement-free zone. You don’t have to spend a single penny to feel more worthy. Meditation, journaling, yoga – there are so many ways to build a better relationship with yourself. But if there are nice things you like to do for yourself then that’s great, too. No two people are the same, so how they show appreciation for themselves isn’t going to be identical either.  

As lovers of skincare, we see it as a form of daily self-care that feeds into an overall feeling of self-love. Partly because of the beautiful textures, scents and excitement of opening that new product you’ve never tried before. But mostly because it’s a moment that’s all ours, one where we make our happiness a priority and show ourselves we matter. 

Our morning routine gives us time to mentally prepare for the day, while that little bit of time just before bed is the perfect chance to reflect. Being in front of the mirror during this is a good time to start looking at yourself and truly ‘seeing’ yourself, beginning to recognise your value. Remember, from our skin to our mind, every part of our being is interconnected. So those few minutes away from your busy day could be also a great way to squeeze in some daily affirmations to yourself (you don’t have to say them out loud if you’re feeling a little self-conscious to start with… or if your flatmate is in earshot). 

Listing your good qualities to yourself while you massage in your moisturiser is also a way to remind yourself that you are enough. If you struggle to think of these off the top of your head you can make a little flashcard or have them on your phone and just read them to yourself while you do your daily steps. If you’re not sure what’s amazing about you (trust us, there’s so many things) ask your friends to help you come up with some. 

Products absolutely can’t fix a lack of self-love and if you feel like it’s something that’s affecting your life then you should always seek the help of a qualified professional. But if spending time out with a great mask while watching your favourite show helps you remember that you deserve nice things then that’s amazing, too. When it comes to self-love, it really is a case of you do you. 

Does skincare play an important part in your self-love rituals? Share with us over at  @aureliaskincare #aurelialondon

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