Meet Amelia Bainbridge: Founder of Auree Jewellery

Auree Jewellery x Aurelia London

We’re so excited to be partnering with Auree Jewellery x Aurelia London to give you top jewellery and skincare tips to help your sparkle and glow all season long.

Amelia Bainbridge: Founder of Auree Jewellery
What inspired you to start Auree?

I had always wanted to set something up myself – and having worked in the jewellery business for ten years I thought it was about time to get on and do it. I saw a niche in the market for beautiful jewellery that would travel through life with you – but which was affordable and didn’t need to be kept in a safe. It moved very quickly initially – from writing a business plan to launching our first collection. What began as a small start-up around a kitchen table in South West London has quickly turned into a successful jewellery company with a loyal customer base.  The name Auree was one of my grandmother’s middle names and also means ‘golden one’ in Italian.

What do you love most about your job?

Having something that I have built up myself- and watching it grow. Launching last month with Liberty online was very exciting. We have been so lucky with all the feedback from customers and if we think we can do something better or have a new idea, we do it straight away. No politics, no-nonsense! On the flip side, you never have a day off!

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What does your skincare routine mean for you?

It’s really important to me as, with two young children, this is often the only part of my day that I have to myself. In the morning it makes me feel ready to face the day and in the evening it’s the perfect wind down before bed. As I have gotten older, I have really come to realise the importance of looking after your skin and I love discovering new brands and trying different products.

What is the one skincare step you can’t miss?

A really intense night-time moisturiser is essential for me (and SPF – I put this on all year round, even in the snow!). I started using Aurelia products on my boys after being given some as a present when they were born – we love the Sleep Time Top to Toe Wash and Cream.

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Do you have any tips on how to wear your jewellery this party season?

It isn’t an outfit without some jewellery. Pierced ears without earrings look like they have been forgotten. A bare neckline looks empty and hands without rings are missing out. Jewellery lets you say something about your personality.

Layering jewellery has become our favourite way of making a statement. Don’t panic, the layered look is easier than you think to achieve.

·        Combining different lengths is key. Stagger these to create space and balance – ideally about two inches between each. It can help to aim for three lengths – choker, mid-length and a longer chain.

·        Choose different chain styles and weights for the perfect contrast between your layers (it also helps reduce tangling). Pendants create a strong focal point.

·        Don’t be afraid to mix metals or inject a pop of colour with gemstones. Consider your clothing and stay within colour schemes for a softer look.

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How do you relax during this festive period?

Ha, I’m not sure I ever get to – but walking our dog gives me a rare moment of peace. I also love a long soak in the bath or reading a good book.

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