Vogue India – August 2018

These 6 cool new beauty brands deserve space on your shelf:

“Probiotics in the health space have been around forever, with almost every doctor telling you to pop one to make your gut stronger and function better. But in skincare, it’s a recent revelation that is backed up with ample research. Probiotics are especially promising for sensitive skin that is prone to acne and inflammation. The British brand Aurelia, harnesses the power of these good bacteria and whips up some cool, clean formulations. Their super popular Miracle Cleanser is the gentlest cleanser that has ever touched my skin. The texture is like an airy, Greek yoghurt that almost melts into the skin as you massage it in. It comes with its own mini towelette—an antibacterial bamboo muslin that sloughs the day off your face. I love that all the ingredients are cruelty-free and ethically sourced and that the products are free of parabens, sulphates and mineral oils.

What to buy: The miracle cleanser, of course. It coddled my dull, cranky and dry complexion and left it smooth and supple. If you’re looking for a natural, lightweight serum that works really hard on your weary, stressed skin, look no further than the Revitalise and Glow Serum. The baobab, hibiscus and mongongo oils are luxuriously hydrating and the jasmine, tuberose and mandarin smell so heavenly, you’d want to drench yourself in it.”

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