Learn to mix your skincare for dramatic results tailored to you, using our brand new CBD Super Serum and any of our award-winning oils and serums for beautiful skin every day. Our products are unique in that the formulations can be mixed without disrupting results, efficacy or texture. In fact, our oils and serums blend together beautifully to create unique formulations for your specific skin concern.

Mix Number 1 – The Anti-Ageing Superstars

CBD Super Serum + The Probiotic Concentrate™

Create a powerful formulation with our two boosting serums by combining two drops of each in the palm of your hand. With high levels of our signature probiotic ingredients to boost collagen and balance the skin from within and CBD crystal isolate to diminish cellular inflammation, this powerful double-act works to smooth, hydrate and firm all skin types. Pat and sweep the mixture onto clean, dry skin and follow with a nourishing Aurelia Cell Revitalise Moisturiser or hydrating face oil.

Mix Number 2 – The Glow Getters

CBD Super Serum + Revitalise & Glow Serum

Enjoy the benefits of our multi award-winning Revitalise & Glow Serum, containing powerful probiotics, nourishing botanical extracts and a delicate essential oil blend alongside our incredible new CBD Super Serum. The two textures combine beautifully to deliver a plethora of benefits to the skin, and can be used in this way twice a day on clean, dry skin before applying a moisturiser. Oily skin types will love the lightweight texture of the two, as skin feels hydrated and dewy without any residual oil or stickiness and the glow you are left with is second to none!

Mix Number 3 – Calm, Repair & Nourish

CBD Super Serum + Cell Repair Night Oil

The ultimate combination for skin that needs some TLC, this soothing mix will deeply nourish skin from the word go. With the decadent blend of natural botanical extracts found in our Cell Repair Night Oil, and the lightweight hyaluronic acid found within our new CBD Super Serum, this powerful blend will help to dramatically improve hydration, skin texture and tone. Mix two drops of each thoroughly in the palm of your hand and enjoy a unique texture that glides on to the skin with a delicate ease.

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