Something special is happening in the world of skincare, and it has to do with probiotics. At Aurelia we’re not talking about the live gut-balancing bacteria you find in supplements and yoghurts, but the innovative, non-live glycoproteins we use to manage inflammation and damage deep down within your skin.  As one of the first brands to pioneer the use of probiotics in skincare, we have led the way in using this powerful natural technology throughout our award-winning range.

“Among the first luxury British brands to actively pioneer probiotics was Aurelia, whose indulgent formulas – replete with bifida ferment, milk peptide and essential oils – have scooped no less than 100 awards since its launch in 2013.” – Financial Times, How To Spend It

Now the rest of the beauty industry is catching up, and not only are we seeing other brands launching probiotic products, but the conversation surrounding this fascinating science is growing online and in the press. More and more of us are looking to probiotics to target all manner of skin concerns, and with Aurelia Probiotic Skincare comes the best way to do that. Now for the first time ever we have created a powerful serum containing the purest form of Aurelia’s Probiotic Ingredients to protect, restore and balance the skin from within. Introducing The Probiotic Concentrate™ the first ever purely probiotic skin boosting treatment to target almost every major skincare concern.

“When the skincare brand Aurelia launched in 2013, it was one of the first to hail probiotics as skin saviours” – Sonia Haria, The Daily Telegraph

Supercharge your skincare routine with the ultimate, advanced probiotic concentrate to truly transform your skin. This intensive yet lightweight formula contains Aurelia’s Probiotic Ingredients in their purest form. When applied, The Probiotic Concentrate™ activates and boosts the skin’s natural repair process, helping to address targeted skin concerns as well as to protect, restore and balance the skin from within. This revolutionary serum offers dramatic benefits and is the result of years of research in to the best way of using probiotics in skincare. Claire designed this treatment serum as a powerful addition to any skincare routine, and the gloriously creamy yet lightweight serum texture works particularly well when used in conjunction with Aurelia’s 3-Step Probiotic Routine but also mixes perfectly with other chosen creams and oils.

Transform your skin with The Probiotic Concentrate™ and target cellular inflammation to help regulate the skin’s immune response. We believe these are the fundamental causes of many primary skin concerns and, following a treatment course, skin will be firmer, hydrated and more energised, counteracting loss of elasticity, cellular fatigue, dehydration and premature skin ageing. Fine lines and deeper wrinkles will appear smoother and dull skin more radiant and luminous. Hyperpigmentation and the effects of UV damage will be targeted for even toned, brighter skin.

This skin boosting anti-ageing solution offers dramatic results as a non-invasive, natural alternative to cosmetic procedures and skin-irritating retinol or retinoids. This treatment also helps counteract the damaging effects of pollution on fragile and stress-damaged skin. Balancing probiotics help to relieve and protect sensitive and fragile skin, by reducing redness, strengthening delicate capillaries, improving resilience and helping with symptoms of redness or rosacea. The restorative formulation even works to combat blemishes and congestion on acne-prone skin; helping you achieve and maintain clear skin and smoothness.

This is a new era of scientifically-proven natural skincare, and one we can’t wait for you to venture into…

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