For young and old there is nothing more magical than a Christmas stocking. Waking up to a festive goody bag on Christmas morning is the ultimate feel-good tradition. With Christmas just around the corner we’ve put together some ideas of what to put in a Christmas stocking. For those of you wanting a zero-waste Christmas to those who may be choosing to indulge – we’ve got all bases covered. So, let’s take a look at some fabulous stocking filler ideas that suit all stocking styles and more.


Although we can choose to celebrate Christmas however we wish, the festive traditions of years gone by always add character and charm. The practice of hanging stockings is thought to originate from the legend of St Nicholas. He was believed to have thrown gold coins through the windows of three women which fell into their stockings and shoes. Although real gold may be off the cards for most of us, adding chocolate coins to stockings are a beautifully quaint nod to this tale.

The tradition of receiving an orange at the bottom of a stocking is also an ever-green Christmas tradition. The significance of the orange is thought to have multiple meanings, the first being that the orange symbolises the gold in the tale of St Nicholas. Oranges weren’t a supermarket staple before the 1950s and so were considered a highly valuable and fine stocking filler. As oranges can be easily divided into segments, the orange is also thought to be representative of the generosity of the festive period. Either way, gifting an orange is timeless, and a fruitful tradition many love to continue.


For those of you wanting a waste-free Christmas we’ve got plenty of green Christmas stocking ideas just for you. Supporting local businesses that sell ethically-produced and eco-friendly products is a wonderful way to avoid buying junk. By making conscious shopping choices, you can make sure your gift choices are not contributing to the perpetual global waste-spiral.

Choosing stocking-fillers with sustainability at the heart can also help you inspire someone you love to start living more consciously themselves. Some stocking ideas include bamboo toothbrushes with natural toothpaste, locally-made raw care products, reusable shopping bags, jewellery made from recycled materials, or biodegradable sponges. Our go-to every year is our cult classic natural Botanical Cream Deodorant. It makes for a quirky stocking addition for first-time users of natural deodorants, and a guaranteed crowd-pleaser for the natural veterans!


A cool and creative way to build a stocking for someone special is to buy or bake an array of edible goodies. Take your loved one on a culinary journey – with beautiful olive oils, luxury chocolates, or precious truffles. Support farms or shops selling locally produced, organic foods and make sure your gift is good for the earth too. If you’re going abroad in the new year with a friend or lover, how about teasing their taste buds with the taste of your next destination?

If you want to get baking yourself the possibilities really are endless! Of course going for something sweet always goes down a treat. But how about also trying out something new like fermenting or pickling? Fermented foods and drinks are super nutritious and have an array of health benefits. In winter, our immune systems could always do with some extra nurturing support.  Food and beverages containing live cultures are wonderful immune aids, and also taste delicious and have long shelf-lives – so keep well into the new year. Making jams or chutneys are also a homemade Christmas classic and great for stocking filler gifts. Decorating your own labels for all your homemade produce means you can get your creative juices flowing and personalise each bottle or jar.


Yes we can always buy, buy, buy, but a Christmas stocking filled with truly meaningful gifts can also put a smile on someone’s face. Focusing on gift ideas that we know will be super meaningful can cut Christmas waste and also help those in need. Giving the gift of your time by offering your services for babysitting, dog walking or cleaning are a great option – especially if you are strapped for cash. They are also a lovely way of connecting with the elderly and neighbours. Tokens, vouchers or subscriptions also provide meaningful Christmas stocking fillers and there are plenty of online or in-person courses you can also gift access to.


There’s no better way of showing someone how well you know them than by nailing a Christmas stocking full of surprises! Picking up on queues and subtle hints throughout the year mean you can start compiling a list of gift ideas to wow your friends and loved ones. If someone is about to start a new job, how about selecting some personalised stationary, a laptop case, or new year planner?  For those perhaps struggling with a skin issue or just in need of some pampering, skin and body care sets make wonderful stocking gifts. Mini-me gift sets mean someone can try out a new range before they choose to buy big. And you never know, you may just connect someone with a new brand they absolutely fall in love with!


The rule of 5:1 helps keep things simple when trying to choose stocking fillers. The stocking can be filled with 5 smaller and less expensive gifts, leaving the pièce de résistance for under the tree! To stuff the stocking, you can try adding a mixture of gift ideas. Ideas could include, 1 thing that’s needed, 1 thing that’s edible, 1 thing to wear, 1 thing for their wellness, and 1 thing to experience… but the possibilities really are endless. Another idea, is choosing stocking fillers that lead up to or give a clue towards what’s waiting under the tree for someone.

All in all, as long as your stocking choices come from a place of love, you can’t really go wrong.

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