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We are here to help you navigate our range of effective, probiotic skincare with ease. Although many of our products can be used to suit multiple concerns, we’ve vowed to make your journey with Aurelia as easy as possible.

If these early signs of skin ageing are your concern, we have the perfect routine of PROTIDA™ infused products to help boost collagen, hyaluronic acid and your skin’s natural defenses. Supercharge your skincare and give your complexion the boost it deserves to age beautifully, maintaining a youthful glow.

If your skin is dry, flaky, textured or simply dehydrated, try our thirst quenching skincare to lock in moisture day and night. Our best-selling cleansers, serums, moisturisers and oils are rich in fatty acids and omegas for a nourished complexion that glows.

If you’re constantly battling to bring balance to unpredictable skin, try our selection of PROTIDA™ infused skincare to manage inflammation, cellular repair and internal balance. Our Balancing Range even contains salicylic acid to help target blemishes at the source, and can be used for younger skin, or if you’re navigating hormonal blemishes at any age.

With a swathe of specialist care for delicate skins, Aurelia London comes to your rescue with soothing, nourishing and reparative products to help encourage and maintain skin resilience. Whether you’re tackling redness, blotchiness or skin that stings, gentle botanicals, combined with skin soothing probiotics help to calm the skin’s immune response and deliver active ingredients to strengthen and protect.


Complementary items from the balance range