1. Find Your Balance Collection Find Your Balance Collection
    Saliylic acid blemish busting routine
  2. Heart Guasha Heart Guasha
    Rose quartz sculpting and lifting tool
  3. Overnight Recovery Mask Overnight Recovery Mask
    Ultra-rich intesive moisturising mask
    Subscription Available
  4. Probiotic Lip Balm Probiotic Lip Balm
    Protective balm to oil lip treatment
    Subscription Available
  5. Brightening Anti-Pollution Mask Brightening Anti-Pollution Mask
    Gentle balm clay mask
    Subscription Available
    £22.00 - £48.00 £22.00 - £48.00
  6. Healthy Skin Starter Set
    A complete routine to keep your skin youthful, radiant and firm
  7. Mushroom Guasha Mushroom Guasha
    Lifting and sculpting rose quartz eye tool

Complementary items from the balance range