What Do We Stand For



Aurelia London strives to empower women with the confidence to embrace real skin. We celebrate real skin and unfiltered beauty.​

Powered by modern biotics to work with your skin's natural process, our products support the microbiome and barrier for healthy, glowing skin. Formulated with up to 95% natural or bioidentical ingredients with dermatologically tested formulas that are gentle on sensitive skin, we guarantee that our products adhere to the utmost standards of quality and strive to exceed customer expectations.

We are proud to be a brand of Health & Happiness UK, a certified BCorp

What is B Corp?​​

An independent certification and legal commitment ensuring that businesses are a force for good to positively benefit both people and the planet by meeting high standards of:
- Social and environmental performance
- ​Transparency​
- Accountability

We have accomplished an impact score of 101.6 pts over the course of our BCorp assessment.​

The requirement to receive BCorp certification is 80 and the median score all businesses who complete the assessment globally is currently 50.9 pts.

This is just the B.ginning of our sustainability journey.

Requiring a RIGOROUS and HOLISTIC process to achieve, BCorp also requires renewal every 3 years to maintain the certification. 


We prioritise sustainability: recyclable glass, non-shrink-wrapped packaging, and minimal plastic. Plus, as part of Health and Happiness UK, we're powered by 100% renewable energy and committed to reducing our carbon footprint


Since our launch in 2013 Aurelia London has never undergone animal testing. We support cruelty free beauty. 


As a part of Health & Happiness UK, we value and prioritise both our community and employees. We provide all employees with paid volunteer time during World Community Day, allowing our team to unite in supporting charitable initiatives. In 2022 Health & Happiness invested USD3.01 million globally, back to our communities.

Further to this, a significant 80% of our UK team comprises talented female members, underscoring our commitment to equality and diversity in the workplace.


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